Grace Declares, ‘If Neccessary, We Will Carry ‘Sir Fall-A-Lot Mugabe’, In A Wheelbarrow!’

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has again reiterated that President Robert Mugabe, now aged 91, will not retire, adding the veteran leader will be taken to work in a wheelbarrow if necessary.

The president’s wife said this while addressing supporters at a rally in Masvingo on Friday.

At another recent rally, Grace also indicated that a special wheelchair would be designed for the aging leader who has appeared in news broadcasts struggling to walk unaided on foreign trips.

With age and reported poor health catching up with the Harare strongman, lieutenants are angling to take over, leading to bitter divisions in the ruling Zanu PF party.

On Friday Grace admitted that her husband’s succession would be problematic.

“Mugabe isimbi yebasa. Nyaya yaMugabe ichanetsa. Tine basa naye Mugabe, Tichamusumudza mudhaara wedu, mubhara (Mugabe is a strong man ready to work, the issue of Mugabe (succession) will be very problematic, we will carry him in a wheelbarrow),” she said.

The First Lady also took down a peg Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man seen as the main rival in her reported bid to succeed her husband.

Grace told supporters that Mnangagwa was not senior to her.

“… Emmerson Mnangagwa is not senior to me. He just has more experience in politics than me,” she said.

The Masvingo rally was attended by Zanu PF supports mainly from the rural areas and top party officials including Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko. photo-online-Grace Mugabe supporting the frail despot Robert Mugabe. source-newzimbabwe.

photo-Mugabe appears to be out of shape as he walks up the steps with King Mswati III (left) and he gets a helping hand in Uganda

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