Grace Mugabe Tells Suffering Zimbabweans, “You Will Miss Mugabe When He Is Gone”

In a typically indifferent attitude towards the mass suffering endured by the people of Zimbabwe, courtesy of the autocratic rule by  her despot 91 year old, Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe, the first Lady, Grace Mugabe, announced, at Murombedzi Growth Point in Zvimba that the Republic Of Zimbabwe will miss the ruthless veteran leader when he is gone.
Grace claims that President Robert Mugabe, 91, , will one day leave office and  that day will come when Mugabe will noo longer be there and the people of Zimbabwe will regret and miss Robert Mugabe’s leadership.

Grace Mugabe, ‘Robert Mugabe’s wife, the first lady claims her Zanu PF leader husband had made huge sacrifices for the nation and wanted the best for the future generations of the country.

She went so far as to claim that not many people can make the sacrifices that Mugabe make for Zimbabwe, who sacrifices all to represent his people and wants the best for the present and future generations of the nation.
Grace is also the same individual who has claimed before that her husband, Robert  Mugabe maintains his position in  office even though he has reached an advanced age of 91 because ‘God wanted him to’.

This is obviously all hogwash to the suffering, hungry, unemployed masses in Zimbabwe, who continue to endure untold grief at the hands of the filthy rich Mugabe, his Zanu PF, Zim1Family, securocrats and Zanu PF stalwarts.
Grace Mugabe’s claims are simply a last minute effort to salvage as best as possible, a tarnished and gone beyond repair image of the heartless leader who has absolutely no concern for the people he Sibusiso Ngwenya-
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