Gun Violence With Influx Of Unregistered Cooperatives Displaying Zanu-PF & ZIM Flags

Clashes between housing cooperatives in Harare South and Ruwa have continued unabated with the latest clashes resulting in members of the Solomon Mujuru and Shingiriro housing cooperatives clashing in a log fight resulting in a shooting which left a dog dead.

According to the ZRP National Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, members of Ruwa’s Solomon Mujuru Housing Cooperative led by Cde Oswell Gwanzura and Cde Petronella Kagonye aligned Shingiriro Housing Cooperative this Thursday morning, engaged in a fight following the removal of pegs from the disputed Solomio Farm by Kagonye’s faction of youths on Monday.

The melee resulted in a dog dying from a gunshot when Kagonye’s body guard fired a shot at the Gwanzura aligned youths.

Meanwhile, Harare South Housing Union, the Apex Board and Hilarious Housing Cooperative also clashed this Thursday morning over allocations and evictions, with the squabble only calming after the involvement of security forces.

The three parties however say they have resolved their differences, citing miscommunication as the cause for the disturbances.

Of late, Harare and its surroundings has seen an influx of leadership wrangles and land ownership, with unregistered cooperatives putting up Zanu-PF and national flags on unsanctioned land, and using party senior officials to authenticate their settlements.  Source: zbc

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