Gvt Orders All Day Schools To Reintroduce “Hot-Sitting” Or “Double-Sitting”

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora  has ordered all day schools in the country to reintroduce “hot-sitting” or “double-sitting” so as to cater for all pupils interested in taking Form One placement.

“Hot-sitting” is a situation where some students attend classes in the morning and others in the afternoon so that they can share classrooms and other resources at their disposal.

According to Sunday News, Dokora said the country was now dealing with a large pool of pupils who were meant to go to Form One, hence the need to derive strategies to cater for all the pupils.

“As you might know we currently have a total of 1 000 026 pupils in our primary schools countrywide therefore all these pupils should go on to do secondary school education.

“No one should drop out because they failed to find places, this is very illegal, and we have emphasised this to our all our headmasters.

Meanwhile, the minister said they had achieved their plans of having all Form One pupils’ enrolment being done on 4 December, saying that 90 percent of the placements were done on the day.Source: Sunday News

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