Gweru Prostitute (33) ‘Circumcises, Boyfriend In Child Paternity Argument

A GWERU hooker was last Friday arraigned before the courts on allegations of cutting the foreskin of his boyfriend’s penis in dispute over the paternity of a child sired by the couple.

Beauty Nhokwara, 33, of Mkoba 4 suburb and her co-cohabiting boyfriend, Hebert Jani argued over clients that the prostitute brings home. That is when Jani questioned if the child they couple had was actually his.

Angered by the inquiries over the child’s real father, Nhokwara woke up in the middle of the night and cut Jani’s foreskin.

Nhokwara who appeared before Gweru magistrate, Shotgame Musaiona on one count of domestic violence, was remanded out of custody to October 27 for continuation of trial.

She however, denied the allegations and said Jani had assaulted after forcing her to suck his manhood the way she did with other men who paid for her services. She said she just held his manhood and never cut its foreskin.

Prosecutors told the court that on October 15 this year Nhokwara and Jani had a misunderstanding at home with the latter accusing his girlfriend of bringing boyfriends and clients home.

Jani then told Nhokwara that she was lying to her that their child was his and after the argument the couple went on to sleep.

“At around midnight Jani woke up and realised that the outer layer of his foreskin had been cut off and he was bleeding,” prosecutors said.

When Jani asked Nhokwara what had happened she asked him why she had earlier on said that the child was not his.

Jani continued to bleed and was rushed to Gweru Provincial hospital but latter reported the matter to the police leading to Nhokwara’s arrest. source-newzimbabwe

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