‘Harare City Council, Lays Off 3000 Employees’: -Supreme Court Ruling

In an  unprecedented wave of the failed Zanu PF government, orchestrated redudancies, the Harare City Council has joined the bandwagon of dismissals by  laying off a total of almost  3000 workers on three months’ notice, courtesy of the recent Supreme Court ruling.

To everyone’s surprise, these dismissals have been excecuted at atime  that Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime is feigning concern by claiming that they are currently working on amending the Labour Act, to curtail the ruthless wave of dismissals.

The Supreme Court ruling has so far resulted in a total  of more than of 22 000 workers losing their jobs on  three months’ notice since the  17th of July 2015 is now above 22 000, a massive blow to the destitute Zimbabweans, whose main source of employment is now virtually that of fruit and vegetable vendors, irrespective of whether one is a graduate or uneducated individual.

To the discerning eye, this is typically proof that Mugabe’s ruthless, corrupt and  illegitimate Zanu PF regime has created a failed Zimbabwe state. Mugabe’s regime, in their infamous NIKUV ballot win of 31st July 2013, had promised the electorate, the creation of 2 million jobs, but its now almost clear that this was a printing error in the Zanu PF Nikuv campaign manifesto as, in reality they have managed to create 2million unemployed and destitute citizens, whilst , through their heartless criminal activities, they have become filthy rich US$ multi millionaires. By Sibusiso Ngwenya, see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com.

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