‘Harare City Council releases list of areas where illegal structures on council land will be demolished’


Harare City Council Acting Town Clerk, Mrs Josephine Ncube, issued a warning on Friday against illegal settlers on council land around Harare.

 Ncube called on all people that invaded Crowborough, Churu and Eyestone Farms to move out on their own before action is taken.

Council complained that human settlement can not be allowed on wastewater farm.

“There is a high risk of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentry and other water borne diseases at Crowborough,” Ncube said.

Council warned anyone interested in securing land should approach council and avoid paying to third parties.

People on illegal land sites are urged to stop further developments and keep their building material ahead of the imminent demolitions and evictions.

Some of the areas where people are being asked to move are:

1. Dzivarasekwa             –     Corner Bulawayo Road and Dzivarasekwa Road (Kuwadzana Phase 3)

2. Glen View                  –      Glen View 1 behind 3rd Street 

3. Glen View                 –         Glen View 1 behind 1st Avenue

4. Glen View                 –        Glen View behind 1st Crescent 

5. Glen View                 –         Glen View behind Glad Tidings Church along 3rd Avenue

6. Glen View                 –         Churu Farm

7. Kuwadzana             –         Kuwadzana 3 on Dairiboard land

8. Kuwadzana             –         Behind Kuwadzana 2 Primary School

9. Mufakose                –         Crowborough North Phase 4

10. Kambuzuma        –         Section 4 adjacent to Dr Mazhindu

11. Glen Norah           –         Kunzekweguta Street

12. Hatcliffe                 –         Stand 9199

13. Hatcliffe                 –         Open Space next to stand 1731 source-nehandaradio

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