HARARE TAP WATER CONTAMINATED WITH ‘SEWAGE’ mayor Manyenyeni warns residents to water from their taps at their own risk

HARARE mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni has warned residents to consume or use the water from their taps at their own risk as council tap water, is partially treated because council has failed to secure adequate chemicals required in water purification due to lack of foreign currency,which is why residents are receiving dirty water in taps.
Harare council is short of main chemicals aluminium sulphate, sulphuric acid, HTH chlorine and activated carbon used to ensure that water is chemically safe to drink . Almost all the chemicals are imports.
Since 2013, several Harare suburbs have been running without water, while in other areas residents received contaminated dirty and smelly water and private boreholes in Harare are pumping contaminated water. Some people argue that the wanted chemicals might be stashed on farms in ex ministers houses like the hundreds of wheelchairs, bikes, expired seed, drugs, fertiliser and sugar beans so far confiscated by police from these Zanu pf Stalwarts.
If you live in Harare, think twice about that take away, where did the water come from that the food outlet, restaurant or hotel is giving you, where did the water that was used to wash your vegetables and other food as it was being prepared, then for cooking and also for you to sanitise your hand. With taps pouring out sewage, it actually makes sense for Harare people to scoop drinking, cooking, and bathing water from the toilet, whats the difference,…sh*t! Lets all sit back and watch how long it will be before we have another major out break of cholera and other water borne diseases.
If you are Zimbabwean how does it make you feel to realise after Mugabe created all this mess, Mnangagwa rewarded him with a US$10 million dollar package, yet Im sure they dont even need a tenth of that to purchase water purification terminals. Zimbabweans you are nothing to these filthy rich criminal Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats who now run the country,..wake up Zimbabwe! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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