Headache For Mugabe As Ex war Detainees And Collaborators ‘Mujibhas’ Demand Benefits

Angry about their continued political and economic marginalisation in independent Zimbabwe, ex war detainees and collaborators are taking a leaf out of ongoing agitation by the restless war veterans for democratic dividends demanding their meeting with president Mugabe.Respected Zanu-PF elder and patron of war time detainees, Cephas Msipa said that was unacceptable that tens of thousands of ex detainees and war collaborators continues to live in squalor, while many had died paupers, in a country that was rich in natural resources.

He also bemoaned the fact that Zanu-PF and government efforts aimed at assisting people who had played a part in the liberation struggle were mostly focused on vocal ex –combatants, to the exclusion of war time participants.
Source: dailynews

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