Highlanders Bosso No 9 says Nigeria should be embarassed over humiliating Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s vice president who recently received the Highlanders Bosso football club No 9 t-shirt,  Emmerson Mnangagwa  told parliament that the Nigerian regime must  be ashamed over the humiliation of Robert Mugabe by   Sahara TV  journalists in Nigeria recently.
Mugabe’s humiliation arose from the fact that a team of Sahara TV journalists way laid him as he walked to his official limousine from the inauguration ceremony of the new Nigerian President,  Mohammadu Buhari,  and  challenged him over his extended  stay in power and the obvious lack of democracy in Zimbabwe.
Emmerson Mnangawa , affectionately now refered to as Bosso No9, claimed  that this would never happen to a visiting Head of State  in Zimbabwe. To the discerning eye it just goes to prove that there is no democracy in Zimbabwe, thats why people rightfully live in fear for their lives and never ever dare to question Mugabe over this. What the Sahara TV journalists did, is celebrated by Zimbabweans both at home and across the diaspora as a symbol of absolute defiance to ‘Black oppression of blacks’ by the despot.  Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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