Historians Must Actively Research & Document Ndebele History, Right From King Mzilikazi-VP Mphoko.

VICE-President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday joined thousands of people in commemorating the death of the founding king of the Ndebele state, Mzilikazi kaMatshobana, at Mhlahlandlela, just outside Bulawayo.

In his address, VP Mphoko encouraged the nation to value its history, taking into cognisance that a nation without a history is a failed nation. He said historians in the country should take cue from such events to actively research on and document the history of the Ndebele, right from the time of King Mzilikazi.

“It is a fact that a nation without a history is not a nation at all. At least for us we are fortunate as we know who our kings were, which is why we come here every year to remember the passing on of our founding King. As Zimbabwe we go the National Heroes Acre every year to remember our heroes and heroines who died liberating this country but as a region it is no secret that we come here also to remember King Mzilikazi; this is our own version of the National Shrine.

“However, more can still be done. Yes, we talk of the Hwange battle or the Chinhoyi battle, but it is time that we document the Gadade, Lalaphansi and Pupu battles. Our children should take it upon themselves that they document such key battles because these are also part of our history, a history which our children should know and appreciate,” said VP Mphoko.

He said people should not just come to commemorate the life of King Mzilikazi but should emulate his qualities, which were that of nation building.

“King Mzilikazi was not a destroyer but he was a nation builder, we must take these qualities and use them as individuals. We must unite as fighting and divisions are not progressive. If there is anything dividing us, let us come together and try to resolve it. That is the quality King Mzilikazi left for all of us.

“The reason we are here is because we are not doing anything illegal. Even President Mugabe is aware of this. I even informed him that I was coming here to honour my ancestors. It is unfortunate that it is my first time being part of you because I have spent a lot of years outside the country but we are in this together,” said the Vice-President.

Speaking during the same event, Chief Vezi Maduna of Insiza, who spoke on behalf of the traditional leadership, called on VP Mphoko to embrace his role as the Vice-President to lead the Matabeleland region’s development.

“This is the first time that we have had such a senior person to grace these commemorations. This shows that our ancestors are surely watching over us because there is no other blessing that can surpass this one.

“It is our hope that Mphoko will take up his new God-given role to help revive the Matabeleland region, especially Bulawayo which has turned into ruins. Industries have to be re-opened to give our children employment, the economy of Bulawayo has to be boosted because if Bulawayo suffers the entire Matabeleland region suffers,” said Chief Maduna.

Meanwhile, the royal Khumalo family announced that they are about to complete the process of identifying the heir of the Ndebele kingdom, revealing that they would be announcing the heir during King Mzilikazi commemorations next year.

The chairperson of the Khumalo Family Council of Elders, Dr Bruce Khumalo, said the process had been gruesome and thorough but they were close to completing the consultations and they would soon start the traditional rites.

“As you might know, this is a process that started as far back as in 1997. It was very gruesome and thorough as it involved a lot of consultations and research but I am pleased to announce that the process is almost complete and by this time next year we will be announcing to you the heir to the throne.

“While some might say we took too long, what has to be appreciated is that it has been 121 years since we had a king, so we have to consult widely and thoroughly so that we don’t do anything wrong,” he said.

The commemorations were also attended by acting Chief Mvuthu on behalf of the late Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni and Senator Angeline Masuku, among a host of people drawn from various parts of the country. Source – sundaynews

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photo-VP Mphoko in traditional , animal skin clothing

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