‘Hukoshwa Resources owned by Ignatius Chombo’s son is engaged to install prepaid water meters’-Harare Residents Trust


Harare Residents Trust has revealed that the Harare City Council has engaged several companies to install prepaid water meters in the city amid revelation the son of Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo’s company features in the list.

The trust said the companies are installing prepaid water meters in Harare’s six suburbs during the pilot phase, which is set to run for six months.

The name of the Company is Hukoshwa Resources owned by Tafadzwa Chombo

They submitted a bid using a Chinese Product, but when the adjudications were done they were not awarded because their product was not STS (Standard Transfer Specified), then they approached a South African Company and offered an STS compliant product, but the document at council has specs of the Chinese product.

They also secured Chipinge using political influence.This company needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Names of some of the companies in the list are, Syvern Investments, Ukoshwa Resources, Industrial Products, Tricon, and Usc metering (Proprietary Ltd) trading as Utility Systems South Africa.

“The other four companies are Zimbabwean owned companies. One of these companies is owned by the son of Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo,” said the trust without revealing the names.

“The HRT continues with its investigations until we know exactly how these companies were contracted.”

The trust said the City of Harare says installation of prepaid water meters is the ultimate answer to poor revenue collection, while residents argue that they have always been paying for fixed and consumption charges but the council is abusing the revenues by not being accountable. source-bulawayo24

photo-Mugabe’s cousin,  Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo kneeling for Mugabe’s wife, First lady Grace Mugabe

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