HUNDREDS FLEE lava lake from volcanic eruptions after new fissures were formed in Hawaii on mount Kilauea on Friday morning.

 Trees were set ablaze by lava but the main threat is gas spewing from cracks in the ground, to as high as 30,000 feet a height where planes fly at.
Planes have been stopped from flying through the area as volcanic ash clogs up aircraft engines and can stop engines running. The volcano has been dormant since 1983, with larva flowing from craters since it became active and now that there have been 119 earthquakes on the Hawaii Island since Thursday afternoon, there is concern about what is on the horizon for the Island.. Friday’s earthquake registered 6.9 , the most powerful on the island since 1975. Hundreds have been ordered to evacuate as toxic volcanic gases are released and earth and vegetation have been scorched in areas around by the lava flow.
The epicentre of the earthquake was beneath mount Kilauea in Hawaii.
photo-CNN-Steam seen rising from cracks developed in the road near Leilani Estates on Friday. More news to follow, By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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