HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TONS OF PLASTIC PRODUCED GLOBALLY are mainly dumped on land, but a substantial amount, of everyday plastics including single use plastic backs, plastic coffee or tea stirrers, plastic tea or drink containers, water, cool drink and detergent bottles are thrown into the sea

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TONS OF  PLASTIC PRODUCED GLOBALLY  are mainly dumped on land, but a substantial amount, of  everyday plastics including single use plastic backs,  plastic coffee or tea  stirrers, plastic tea or drink containers,  water, cool drink and detergent bottles are thrown into the sea by people resulting in global plastic pollution, which is polluting beautiful beaches,  and ingested by marine organisms  such as fish or may generally  sink to the sea floor. Research has found microplastic plastic in fish,  mussels and other marine life. This means that the same plastic we carelessly amass and dispose of ends up in our food chain and is not only poisoning the fish and other marine life we eat, but also ends up on our tables where we consume the food, clearly a sitting time bomb. In America, it is estimated that on average , each person, dumps 185 pounds of plastic a year  which end up in  the ocean. WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM  , will  play its part , through regular articles, debate and ideas put forward by our  guest writer who is passionate about the damage we are doing to earth through plastic pollution just like is expected of all the people, to participate in protecting, our seas, air we breathe, beautiful beaches and other from destruction, through pollution including plastic pollution. What we do today, is not for us, but for future generations and descendants to come,..therefore lets protect the planet from death and destruction by our own doing.

In Africa, -Kenya brought in a ban on the use of plastic bags in August 2017, one step for everyone to follow. Plastic use is a source of pollution and offenders in Kenya face being jailed, hefty fines or both, in the fight against plastic polution by Kenya.

The issue of plastic pollution should be taken seriously by all nations across the Globe, including landlocked countries, as its imperative that we all act now against plastic pollution.  The world should wake up to the fact that we are destroying our natural resources, polluting our seas and rivers and soon, wars will be fought around these resources as populations migrate and squeeze together, fighting for limited space and resources.  It is up to the whole world to play their  part and mitigate against such pending disaster by stemming plastic pollution. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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