‘Hussein Noor (43) of Harare in court for allegedly defrauding Harvest House of $200 000 after falsely claiming that he could supply bricks’.

‘Hussein Noor (43) of Harare in court for allegedly defrauding Harvest House of $200 000 after falsely claiming that he could supply bricks’.
Hussein Noor (43) of Avondale suburb in Harare allegedly duped the church represented by its administrator Mr Mhlangabezi Ndlovu of Pumula South suburb.
Bulawayo magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea-Ndlovu yesterday heard that Noor told Mr Ndlovu that he was the managing Director of Stone Craft Corporation Africa Limited.
He allegedly promised to supply the church with 300 000 bricks for the construction of its auditorium. Noor was not asked to plead to a fraud charge and was remanded out of custody on bail to November 11 for trial.
Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza said sometime in April this year, Noor heard that the church was in the process of constructing an auditorium. Between August 2 and August 16 this year, Noor allegedly hatched a plan to defraud the church.
“On August 2, the accused person phoned Bishop Colin Nyathi who is the head and founder of the church and introduced himself as Zaine H. Noor, the managing director of Stone Craft Corporation Africa Limited,” said Mr Mageza.
“He said the company situated in Harare was in the business of manufacturing and supplying bricks.” Noor allegedly sent the bishop samples of the bricks via WhatsApp and promised to bring the actual samples for physical inspection later.

“As a precautionary measure, Bishop Nyathi phoned two reverends in Harare to check on the capacity and authenticity of the accused person’s alleged company,” said Mr Mageza.
Bishop Nyathi allegedly gave the reverends Noor’s contact details and when they contacted him, he told them to meet him at Willdale Bricks, along Lomagundi Road in Mount Hampden just outside Harare. Upon arrival at Willdale Bricks, Noor took the reverends on a tour of the plant and claimed that he was its managing director.
He allegedly claimed that Stone Craft Corporation Africa Limited was a subsidiary of Willdale Bricks.
Noor told the reverends that he could supply all the bricks in two weeks and they believed him. He allegedly then met Bishop Nyathi at the church’s headquarters in Bulawayo and showed him samples of bricks which he claimed had been manufactured by his company. Noor allegedly left a business card under the name Zaine H. Noor.
On the same day, Noor allegedly sent the bishop an email with a signed contract between his company and the bishop which the latter signed and returned. Bishop Nyathi then directed Mr Ndlovu to deposit RTGS$200 000 for the bricks into Tichmil investments’ bank account supplied by the accused person.
Noor allegedly never delivered the bricks and Mr Ndlovu later discovered that the company was non-existent. He reported the matter to the police leading to Noor’s arrest.Source – chronicleWELCOME EVERYONE: 266,436 MEMBERS, 1000 new members a day. A Quarter of a million members, thank you for the fast growth, participation and continuos encouragement to others to join the group, and engage other progressive minded people in respectful and inclusive debate focused on information dissemination in issues that directly affect the ordinary person including human rights, good governance, accountability, transparency, housing, employment, development, girl child, equality, gender, peace, climate change, polllution, youth, freedom and more issues that directly affect the ordinary person. Information dissemination empowers the readers so that they are better placed to make well informed decisions and choices such as voting. Please feel free to add and encourage others to join.INFORMATION IS POWER!-Thank you for the support. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to newzimbabwe.vision@yahoo.com ,linkedin.com/in/sibusiso-ngwenya-563a572b ‘Twitter-@sibungwenor whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as follows:
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