‘I find it awkward that Zanu pf leader want to blame my uncle Mugabe yet when decisions were made, they were part of the collective’-Patrick Zhuwao

The nephew of the deposed President Robert Mugabe, nephew of deposed Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao claims that he fled from Zimbabwe for his safety during the recent military coup and will not return as he claims his employees were assaulted and robbed by mobs against his uncle and for working for him.
Zhuwao (50) fled to neighbouring South Africa but before that he ownd a tobacco farm 25 miles outside the capital city Harare
Mugabe’s nephew Zhuwao was Zimbabwe’s Minister of Public Service, Labor, and Social Welfare for only a month before the coup forced him to flee and before that he had been the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment for two years
Mugabe’s nephew Zhuwao, claims that most of the lates leadership were supporters of the former President Robert Mugabe policies which surprisingly they now criticise yet all along they supported them….DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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