I Smell War , Blood & Disaster Beacause Zimbabwe Is Going Rwanda Way’-Tendai Biti

“I smell blood in this country. I smell war. I smell disaster. I am not a prophet, but I see dark clouds, I see a hurricane, a tsunami. If one plants a whirlwind, he will reap a tsunami. This country will go the Rwanda way,” Biti told PDP members at a campaign rally at Sadza Growth Point in Chivhu over the weekend.

Zanu PF is imploding and there is a real danger that the regime in going to drag the whole nation over the edge into the abyss with it.

It was Grace’s dogged determination to be president that fired her up to attack Joice Mujuru and her supporters and have the lot booted out of Zanu PF. The move weakened the party considerably. Since then she has turned her attention on Mnangagwa and his supporters; dividing and weakening the party even more. Even if Grace was to achieve her wish and boot out Mnangagwa and his sup-porters there is no doubt that she cannot hold the nation together.

The breakup of MDC after rigged July 2013 elections posed no instability threat to the nation because MDC was not in government; the breakup of Zanu PF now is another matter, it is serious national threat precisely because they are in government. Still factional fighting in Zanu PF is unstoppable.

The in fighting in Zanu PF is more than a fight for political power and economic wealth; it is now a fight for survival. Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown has hit hard the ordinary people but it has not spared the ruling elite either. The late Nathan Shamuyarirai, one of the grandees of Zanu PF, lived the last years of his life in grinding poverty. Whatever his death certificate says was the cause of his death, there is no doubt that poverty played a major part in it. The family was so poor his wife could not afford the bus fare from Borrowdale to Avenues Clinic 5 or so kilometres away, to be with him on his death bed!

All Zanu PF chefs are painfully aware of the sorry story of Shamuyarira and many other similar stories of Zanu PF comrades who too lost their position on the feeding trough and were thrown out with the sodomites. The economic situation is so bad that many chefs, who are still in government, are dodging Court bailiff officers threatening to attach their property over some unpaid debt; the flood gates of debtors will open if they were to lose their political position. The country’s economic meltdown has raised the grim consequences of losing one’s position on the feeding trough so high it is little wonder then that factional fighting is now vicious!

The only silver lining to Zanu PF’s vicious in fighting is that it has weaken the regime considerably and thus making it more amenable to accepting meaningful democratic change as the way out of the mess. Sadly the MDC opposition is undergoing its own debilitating sub-division and break up of its own that was left it even weaker than ever. Two and half years since the rigged July 2013 elections the opposition is still blundering from pillar to post, instead of focusing on the GPA reforms they failed to implement during the GNU they are now asking for the ineffective electoral law reforms.

The nation wasted its best chance to end Mugabe and Zanu PF’s strangle-hold on power peacefully during the GNU; all MDC had to do then was to implement the GPA democratic reforms. After five years, not even one reform was implemented and Zanu PF was able to blatantly rig the elections and return to power. The infighting in Zanu PF has weakened the party creating another chance to push for change but this too is being wasted because of the opposition’s blithering incompetence to see the chance and make the most of it.

Achieving democratic change by implementing the GPA reforms would have been a safer option than the present route of Zanu PF imploding. There is a real danger of President Mugabe stubbornly hanging on to power to the bitter end so instead of dragging just his party over the edge into the abyss he will drag the whole nation over the edge too. The challenge is to demand the implementation of the GPA reforms, hold free and fair elections and thus wrestle political power from Zanu PF BEFORE Zanu PF implodes.

“There is leadership crisis, economic crisis and breakdown of the social contract,” warned PDP President, Tendai Biti.

“In Germany, there was a mad man by the name (Adolf) Hitler. He bulldozed his way to the top while people were relaxed.

“Grace is like Hitler, she will go all the way to the State house, and she must be stopped. The First Lady has crossed the path of war veterans, the paths of the securocrats.”

There is definitely a serious leadership crisis in Zimbabwe; Tendai Biti should know all about that problem since he was a senior member of the MDC leadership that failed to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU. Indeed it is the failure by  the same incompetent opposition to demand the implementation of the GPA reforms since the rigged July 2013 elections that has encourage Mugabe to hang on to power even in the face of clear evidence that Zanu PF is imploding and, if that was to happen, will drag the nation into political turmoil.

Grace Mugabe is a scatter-brain, it is more appropriate to compare her to the blundering buffoon Idi Amin than to Adolf Hitler.  Source: Patrick Guramatunhu

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