‘Im 500% Confident Mugabe Is Corruption Free And The Only Person Able To Tackle Rampant Corruption’.-Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya has certified President Robert Mugabe as 500% free from corruption.

Magaya says Mugabe is the only person able to tackle rampant corruption.

“I am 500% sure that my President is not corrupt.

“He (Mugabe) is the one who is able to deal with corruption. He must create a strong system which must deal with corruption,” he is quoted saying by Newsday.

However, over the years Mugabe has vowed to deal with corrupt officials declaring zero tolerance.

But several top government officials including his ministers have been implicated in multimillion dollar scam’s, but action taken on them.by Thobekile Zhou

Source: Newsday
Photo-Prophet Walter Magaya

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