‘I’m A Trillionaire, and cant Quantify My Wealth’-Prophet Walter Magaya

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) founder and leader Prophet Walter Magaya has sarcastically told CNBCAfrica.com in an exclusive interview that he is a trillionaire and could not quantify his wealth.

He made this statement while responding to continued questions over his net worth.

Magaya, who commands a weekly following of over 250 thousand people in Harare, says he lives a simple life which seems detached from many calling themselves prophets.

“I give 90 percent of whatever I receive. I believe in sharing, just recently I donated a car worth 50 thousand US dollars to a certain family,” he said.

Prophet Magaya is always seen in simple dressing with sandals that make him likeable in the charismatic and Pentecostal movement, not only in his native country but in the SADC region as well.

He, however, desisted from attacking those pastors and prophets who run after lavish lifestyle.

“I don’t see anything wrong with people in ministry living a good life because they represent the largest corporation (Kingdom of God) on the earth,” he added.

Magaya also runs one of Zimbabwe’s and possibly Africa’s largest venture funds called Planet Africa. He says he seeks to positively influence the community and change people’s lives through the project.

“Planet Africa is assisting in projects such as building stadiums, residential houses and stimulating entrepreneurship,” he said.

“We have interests in mining and construction and through this initiative we are attracting foreign direct investment into Africa and Zimbabwe.”

Prophet Magaya is optimistic about the future of Zimbabwe and says the President Robert Mugabe is doing everything to make sure there is a turnaround.

He made these remarks at the time when President Mugabe uncharacteristically read an old speech that left opponents saying this questioned his competency as the head of state.

“Zimbabwe is not the first country to go through what it is going through, Germany has faced a similar situation in the past,” he said.

Prophet Magaya is set to host one of his largest crusades in South Africa’s capital Pretoria in early October.

Some of his previous crusades have resulted in stampedes and he said his team has since addressed the underlying problems to ensure that similar encounters do not take place.


He recently held a crusade in Botswana with some media suggesting that about half a million people attended the meeting in a country of just over two million people.

Religion remains one of Africa and the world’s emotive and controversial topics with some cases of extreme behaviours manifesting in Christian circles such as making people strip naked, eat grass, drink petrol and eat snakes.

But underneath ‘miracles’ being performed is a movement of huge sums of money and rising political capital from religious movements which might determine how governments are run going into the future.

This article is taken from CNBCAfrica.com

source-newzimbabwe, see more at www.newzimbabwevision.com

photo-Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Walter Magaya-nehandaradio

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