‘I’m Not Afraid Of Prison To Defend Constitutional Rights Against Mugabe’s Gvt’-Jabulani Sibanda.

OUSTED Zanu-PF politicians and former war vet leader Jabulani Sibanda says is not afraid of going prison to defend his beliefs and constitutional rights against President Robert Mugabe’s government.

He said Zimbabweans owe it to themselves to remove Mugabe and Zanu-PF from power as life was getting harder and rougher for ordinary citizens.

Sibanda was part of an estimated 2,000 strong crowd that converged at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare to pray for abducted good governance activist Itai Dzamara’s safe return.

Sibanda took to the podium amid wild cheers from a predominantly MDC-T crowd and missed no opportunity to rail on President Mugabe and his regime.

“When leaders are elected into power, they forget where they came from; they forget their powers came from the people.

“They think power is now their personal and family property,” said the former war veterans’ leader.

Sibanda, who came as a representative of People First, the outfit comprising fired Zanu-PF rebels, received a standing ovation from the crowd when he spoke and called on the removal of the Mugabe government.

He was saluted by Morgan Tsvangirai who shook his hands after delivering his speech.
Source: dailynews

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