In 36 Hours, 23 Of Labour Opposition Party 31 Shadow Cabinet Members Have Quit.

At a time when the British public seek leadership and confidence in authority, a lot of unknowns keep descending upon the nation. While it was expected that on pulling out, the future would not initially be rosy, the reality is now dawning upon many who voted out, as the pound has reportedly fallen to a thirty one year low against the dollar, in the aftermath of the BREXIT vote, in which the British public overwhelmingly voted out, and the UK prime minister announced his resignation.
Jeremy Corbyn, the embattled leader of the Labour opposition party, has indicated that he will stand in new leadership election in the event that, there is a formal challenge to his position as party leader.
The Labour party is faced with a potential challenge to jeremy Corbyn’s leadership after 23 Labour Opposition Party Shadow Cabinet members out of 31 resigned. More are likely to resign, many in disagreement with Corbyns ‘relaxed’ approach to the BREXIT vote, in which they feel he could have done more by coming out forcefully with a clear position, giving leadership to both the party and supporters.
Such uncertainities deepen market instability in markets and there is a need for all leaders of parties, irrespective of which side they voted for, to now look forward and accept that the British public have made their voice heard and the leaders must now unite the nation, calm the edgy bankers and investors and create calm market conditions for economic growth. Britain is bigger than any opposition or leader.
Issues rather than personalities should feature in the forefront, on the table in all arrangements and plans. Prime Ministers, Governments, Leaders and parties will come and go but Britain will live on generation after generation.
The crisis is about the long term stability of the nation, our future of the nation, our future, children and descendants. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn

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