‘Initially 500 police officers, 200 VID officers, 46 Zimra and now 157 immigration officers have been redeployed in massive shake up’,


So far, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has redeployed 500 police officers from Beitbridge to various stations across the country, while the Judicial Services Commission has also initiated the process.

Furthermore, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) have moved 200 and 46 officers countrywide respectively.

It is reported that the move to redeploy Government workers was mainly necessitated by rampant corruption at ports of entry especially at Beitbridge border post, where congestion and delays fuel corruption.

According to a memo dated August 23, and signed by the Department of Immigration’s Director of Administration, Mr Stephen Museki, the transfers were in line with a directive from the Office of the President’s circular C/3/667of July 19, 2006.

The Chronicle is in possession of the document.

Sources at Beitbridge yesterday said immigration officers have already been notified of the transfers.

“A total of 157 people have been moved and 26 of the officers are from Beitbridge Border post.

“Most of the officers were already aware of the imminent transfers following a recent visit by Mr Museki to Beitbridge,” said a source.

The Government has since appointed a Cabinet team to fight smuggling and corruption at Beitbridge border post which is chaired by Home Affairs Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo.

During a recent visit to Beitbridge, Dr Chombo said the Government had mobilised $600 000 which will be used in mobilising resources to curb leakages that are affecting the maximum collection of revenue at the port of entry.

He said the country was losing potential revenue through underhand activities at ports of entry.

Dr Chombo said part of the money had been used in installing CCTVs, purchasing of patrol vehicles, motor bikes, mobile and luggage scanners, metal detectors and lie detectors.

“It’s sad that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is collecting $800 000 against a daily average of $1, 2 million,” he said. Thupeyo Muleya, source-chronicle

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