It is a great global Shock after retailer H&M posted a hoodie advert of a child with a racially offensive hoodie marked “coolest monkey in the jungle” on it, sending media into a frenzy over its insensitivity

The Weeknd has severed ties with H&M, with the singer saying he was “deeply offended” by an advert for a children’s Swedish low-cost fashion brand on a hoodie.
Monkey has globally been recognised as deeply racially offensive towards Blacks because of the insensitivity by people of associating blacks with Monkeys
It is reported that the Canadian singer, who has a clothing line with the retailer, was “shocked and embarrassed” after the company posted a racially insensitive advert off a black child in a sweatshirt with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” on it.
The Stockholme based Swedish low-cost fashion brand has reportedly apologised over it and removed the offensive image and the hoodie will no longer be sold in the USA.
The hoodie is still sold online. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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