Itai Dzamara Honoured As A ‘Hero’ By Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe organisation 27 January 2015

I have been honoured as one of the seven Zimbabweans who are ‘heroes’ or have been that, by the Giraffe Heroes Zimbabwe organisation, at its inaugural award ceremony in Harare today.
I contemplated declining this award when they informed us, because, the purpose for which I have been recognised is far from being accomplished – in fact, we have a lot of work to do.
That is the fight for a new Zimbabwe.
Eventually, and therefore, in accepting this honour, I dedicate it to every Zimbabwean, wherever they are across the world, who is standing up for a new Zimbabwe, in all and the various forms.
Two colleagues, Dirk Frey and Charles Nyoni, members of the Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS), were also honoured and presented with awards, but, honestly, all OAUS members have been brave and gallant heroes – the awards belong to them as well.
The same applies to many Zimbabweans, in London, South Africa, USA, Canada and elsewhere, who have become my comrades and partners by standing up to believe and participate in the OAUS’ struggle for a new and better Zimbabwe.
OAUS is a partner in the community of players that are committed to fighting for a new Zimbabwe, all over Zimbabwe and beyond. They also deserve the honour and I share the award with them.
In conclusion, we should see a new Zimbabwe, for which heroes will be all those who would have stood firm and contributed in every manner, to the people’s struggle.
That we shall achieve.
Let’s go! by Itai Dzamara 27 january 2015

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