‘Job Cuts Will Raise Domestic Violence, Early Marriages, Prostitution,HIV &AIDS Crisis’-MDC

THE Welshman Ncube-led MDC party has warned that, if not stopped, ongoing job cuts will likely increase prostitution, child marriages and domestic violence.

Over 20,000 workers have been fired across the country over the past three weeks following a Supreme Court ruling that allows employers to terminate workers’ contracts on three months’ notice and without retrenchment packages.

In a statement Friday, MDC Women’s Assembly deputy chairperson, Elizabeth Chinyanga, said prostitution, child marriages and labour is going to rise as a result of Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku’s labour ruling.

“We are concerned about the far-reaching consequences of these dastardly job losses, especially to women and children who have to bear their brunt,” said Chinyanga.

“Inevitably the job losses will lead to increased crime, prostitution and child labour, early and forced marriages, the rampant spread of STIs and HIV, cross-generation sex, stress and attendant conditions such as BP and diabetes, and increase in domestic violence.”

Chinyanga said the “clueless” President Robert -led administration had exhibited its “true satanic” colours over the crisis.

“Only a cruel, oppressive and dishonest government which has totally failed its citizens can sit back and allow such evil to go on,” she said.

“This government that having turned our once vibrant economy into one of vendors, our once proud citizens into relying on second hand clothes now wants to annihilate the few workers left and ensure the completion of its project of total oppression through poverty.

“It is heart wrenching to watch as our once beautiful country is turned into a banana republic and its beautiful people into psychologically brutalised beggars.”

Although the government criticised the job cuts, ministers still allowed the dismissals to go on at State-controlled parastatals.

Industry minister Mike Bimha even said the dismissals were good for struggling companies.

Parliament has however been recalled from its annual recess to consider amendments to labour laws which government says will help stop the “arbitrary” dismissals.

The House of Assembly will consider the changes on Tuesday next week, with the Senate scheduled to meet on Thursday. source-newzimbabwe


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