Job Sikhala mocks Minister Ignatius Chombo for kneeling for Grace Mugabe

MDC-T senior member Job Sikhala has mocked Local Government Public Works and National Housing minister Ignatius Chombo for kneeling for the first lady Grace Mugabe at her launch of the ZimAsset campaign programme in Kadoma.

Chombo’s photo kneeling for Grace has gone viral on the Facebook platform amid his mocking by the users.

“I will never kneel to anything of flesh except to God the Almighty who is the Creator of the earth and heaven and everything in it,” said Sikhala.

“Not that which is being done by Chombo. You are disgracing men what is that?'”

Wonder Guchu said what he have realised in Zimbabwe politics is this blind adherence to leaders who are showing all signs of growing old to be like Robert mugabe or worse.

“The opposition political landscape today is replete with followers who worship leaders rather than being in love with the good such people are expected to do,” said Guchu. “It’s about the people and not issues.
He said most of the leaders forget the people after taking positions in offices.

“You swear to stand by such people which is fine but the least you can do is be open about those people’s shortcomings and stop glorifying them,” he said. “It’s true none of us is perfect and leaders should be seen in this light and this worshiping should stop.” by Stephen Jakes. Source: Byo24News

photo-Chombo kneeling for Grace Mugabe

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