Joice Mujuru Hauls Mugabe To Court Over Bond Notes Causing Her Suffering As A Widow

The ex wife to the corrupt filthy rich former army general Solomon Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s wealthy ex vice president Joice Mujuru has dragged president Robert Mugabe to Court saying the importation ban is impacting negatively upon her businesss as a widow while Marian Chombo ex wife to Mugabe’s corrupt cousin the Minister of Home Affairs Ignatious Chombo also lodged an affidavit backing the same claim. Marian Chombo exposed the extent of Ignatius Chombo’s corruptly amassed wealth in a divorce case years ago.

To the ‘Discerning Eye, newzimbabwevision, these people were all part of the corrupt system that destroyed Zimbabwe and Silent while they had a foothold on the looting gravy train. We are all just pawns in a game with Mugabe Zim1 family Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats. They will always be winners until we remove all from Mugabe down to the most basic structure at grassroot level. Mugabe and all his Zanu P F must go! By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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