‘Joint Operations Command (JOC) says Zimbabwe is incapable of quelling a nationwide uprising without deploying live ammunition’.

‘Joint Operations Command (JOC) says that the state is incapable of quelling a nationwide uprising without deploying live ammunition’.
Junior officers in the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and the Zimbabwe Republic Police are plotting a mutiny during the looming massive protests to over throw the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Different sources in the Presidential guard and the Police Commissioner General’s office who spoke to this publication corroborated the reports emanating from the junior security officers that a mutiny is being plotted.
According to the evidence provided to this reporter the junior officers who are earning less than US$150 a month have been engaging in various criminal activities involving collaborating with criminals and making people running illegal businesses to pay protection fee to them.
According to the evidence gathered the junior officers are plotting to participate in the highly anticipated protests through refusing to deployed to disperse crowds arguing that they do not have motivation to do so.
Knowing that the action will be viewed as an act of insubordination warranting to be charged, the officers are expectation g that their delay will escalate the chaos forcing the senior authorities to cat on their demands.
The other angle which we particularly gathered from the CG Police’s pool is that the junior officers are also potting to participate in the protest by escalating the January project where they infiltrated into the protestors and assisted them in fighting security forces and supplied bombs to breakdown shops.
The plot is to do the action at a higher scale so that there is no enough reasonable force to disperse the crowds forcing the deployment of live ammunition which will put Zimbabwean on international limelight.
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