Jonathan Moyo Breaks Down At Daughter ‘Zaneles’ Burial

The wife of Minister of High Education Pro. Jonathan Moyo(centre) breaks down infront of her husband on his arrival with the body of thier daughter who died mysteriously in Capetown Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
HIGHER Education minister Jonathan Moyo broke down while singing an emotional song for his late daughter Zanele during her burial in Harare yesterday.

Moyo spoke at length about Zanele and how he was close to her and dedicated a song to her before breaking down towards the end. He had to be escorted back to his seat by wife, Beatrice.

This came also after Zanele’s siblings sent mourners into tears, as they gave the most touching of eulogies, paying tribute to their late sister.

Moyo said he shared a lot with Zanele before singing a song for her adding that her death and messages from the men of cloth had made him renew “my faith in the Lord”.

He said Zanele’s death would make him give his life to God.

“This has been a week like no other week not just in our family but in my life. One of the profound lessons that my family and I have been taught this week is the true meaning of the often forgotten but compelling fact that we are all God’s children,” Moyo said.
“That we are God’s people, whatever our titles, whatever our work stations in life. For some, l saw that this was a reminder of the truth they have always known that they leave everyday but for others, myself included this was a profound lesson.

“I find myself renewing my faith and making myself, presenting myself to the Lord because of the power of their messages, a message, which l have no doubt shall be part of me as long as l live.”

Moyo said he had a special relationship with Zanele since she was young and flew with her to Zambia without her mother when she was six months old.

“Zanele has been snatched from us in the most painful of ways. We don’t know as a family when Zanele’s last breath was, we don’t know whether it was on the 14th, Wednesday last week sometime between 9pm and perhaps midnight, we just believe on the basis of what we heard,” he said.

“We are pained that her death certificate lists October 17 as her death date. We are pained because we know for a fact it isn’t. Add to that, we don’t know what happened to her. We pray in the passage of time and hopefully sooner rather than later, we will know.”

He commended the police for doing a second post mortem, whose results, he said, would show a truer picture of what happened.Source: newsday


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