‘Jonathan Moyo hints that Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa could be part of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF Lacoste faction’

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo on Monday evening hinted that Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa could be part of Zanu PF Lacoste faction.

Moyo’s suggestion stems from a recent Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts report that revealed that Chinamasa owe government $19 000 in loan arrears.

Moyo said if Chinamasa was aligned to G40 camp which he himself belongs, the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission would have already acted.

He posted on his twitter account: “@NewsDayZimbabwe “Chinamasa owes Govt $19K loan areas”. What? If this was a case of so-called G40 they’d call Zacc!… “.

This was in reference to his own troubles involving alleged abuse of thousands of Zimdef funds.

The ZAAC was blocked at the 11th hour from arresting Moyo.

The parliamentary report said the $19 000 was advanced to Chinamasa as a loan during his tenure as Justice minister.

Moyo’s assertions drew comments from twitter users.

Trust Matselele asked “@ProfJNMoyo is Chinamasa Lacoste?”

@tlsibanda said “@ProfJNMoyo Tajamuka must go and protest outside his office or institute a court application !!!!”.

The Tajamuka movement stormed Zimdef offices in Harare recently with an aim of arresting Moyo.  By Mary Charamba. Source – Byo24News

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