‘Jonathan Moyo is being persecuted for supporting President Robert Mugabe’-VP Mphoko

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo is being persecuted for supporting President Robert Mugabe, acting president Phelekezela Mphoko has further claimed.

On Sunday, Mphoko said a clique behind Moyo’s planned arrest wanted to destabilise government.

“His only crime is that he supports the President and those who want to have him arrested are people who do not support the President because the one million man march is a Zanu-PF initiative and the 21st February Movement is a legacy of the President. So why do you arrest such a person?” he said. Mphoko said they are now launched a witch-hunt to fish out the culprits.Moyo is accused of benefitting from close to $270 000 which was corruptly syphoned out of Zimdef by ministry and fund official.

Part of the money was used to procure bicycles for chiefs in Tsholotsho.

At the weekend Moyo admitted to embezzling the funds but said he channelled them towards a national event. source-byo24

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