Kasukuwere To Discipline ‘Troublesome’ Bulawayo Mayor Over 20 000 Residential Stands For Zanu PF Youths


Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has singled out Bulawayo mayor mayor, Martin Moyo as stumbling block in providing land for housing projects.

He said the local authority officials are busy allocating themselves land for self enrichment.

He  attacked Moyo for allegedly resisting Government moves to provide land for ordinary people.

This was after Moyo was quoted in the media saying council did not have the capacity to service 20 000 residential stands on 300 hectares.

Bulawayo’s housing waiting list stands at 100 000.

“We will visit Bulawayo very soon, to inspect the land that has been made available and monitor the progress that the Minister of State in the province Amai Sandi-Moyo has made to date with regards to the land we have set aside for the young people. The same will be done in Harare and other areas. We have to make land available to people for them to build and own homes,” said Kasukuwere. Source: Herald

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