Kasukuwere To Evict Tsvangirai From Highlands Government Mansion, Soon.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) leader  Morgan Tsvangirai face imminent eviction  from a State mansion in Highlands, Harare over the appointment of Harare town clerk, James Mushore, which is being fiercely contested between ZANU-PF mandarins and officials from the country’s main opposition party.

Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere Kasukuwere had given the MDC-T leader an ultimatum to ensure the dismissal of the former NMBZ Holdings chief executive officer from the Harare City Council (HCC), failure of which he would be chucked out of the property acquired for him during the era of the Government of National Unity (GNU), which ended in 2013.

Government “inspectors” have visited the property on two occasions to assess the mansion, reinforcing fears of an imminent eviction of the MDC-T leader who served as Prime Minister during the subsistence of the GNU.

Tsvangirai was given the mansion, which was mired in controversy after allegations he had bloated costs for the renovation and upgrade of the property in 2012.

The MDC-T leader has lived in the mansion for the past six years, despite calls from opposition party allies that he should move out to avoid being compromised by the ZANU-PF government.

The eviction threat by Kasukuwere is seen within the MDC-T as evidence that with the 2018 general elections beckoning, ZANU-PF may be planning to go for broke to secure re-election.

It is said that high ranking MDC-T officials are unhappy with Tsvangirai’s continued stay in the State mansion but they do not have the guts to confront him. Source: Financial Gazette

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