LATE GUKURAHUNDI BRIG MUNEMO’S SON Mutumanje says he is Karanga and an ardent supporter of Mnangagwa although he sold out to Chamisa also

LATE GUKURAHUNDI BRIGADIER MUNEMO’S SON Self-styled communications strategist William Mutumanje says he is Karanga and an ardent supporter of President Emmerson Mnangagwa although he is sold out to Chamisa also. Brigadier General Munemo,was the Director General Civil Military Relations at the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) headquarters in Harare Zimbabwe.

Mutumanje cleared the air after reports said he is now supporting Chamisa based on his social media statements critiquing the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

During the January 14 violent protests Mutumanje was one of the vocal people condemning the state-sponsored killings and violence unleashed on citizens.

Read Lumumba’s statement below:

Let me explain why I support ED: Who was I supposed to support instead? I AM A MEMBER of an organization called Zanu PF therefore I am subjected to its rules of the game. Its chess not checkers. The options where Grace Mugabe or ED, I chose ED. I am a karanga from Masvingo, so not that I am tribal but I cannot change that we are from the same rural home so I am simply more familiar with him than others. Do I think he is the right man for the job? YES. Do I think it’s the right job for the man? NO. So when you see me protest him its not because I want him out, it’s the for the same reason you protest the coach/players of your favourite football team, you expect better out of them. I expect so much more from ED but don’t get it twisted, he is my choice for that office. My support for ED doesn’t mean I hate Chamisa, intact I’m smitten by Chamisa, but right now ED is my choice and I want his presidency to succeed. Not for him, for us! Source – Byo24News

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