LEAKED WHITEHALL DOCUMENT WARNS OF FOOD AND FUEL SHORTAGES if Britain leaves the European Union (EU) without reaching a Brexit deal.

One of the scenarios that Whitehall has warned about in its document , a situation considered a worst case scenario, is referred to as “armageddon if Britainleaves the EU without a Brexit deal.
“In another scenario, Britain’s port of Dover is expected to collapse on the first day.
Cornwall and Scotland supermarkets will in such an event, run out of food from their shelves within a couple of days, while hospitals run out of medicines in just two weeks, alleges the paper.
According to the revelations in the leaked scenarios,Britains officials will have to charter aircraft to transport medicines into Britain,while the country would run out of petrol in just two weeks. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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