LETS BE REALISTIC: Mugabe then 67 started shagging Grace Mugabe 21 Airforce captain Goreraza’s wife as his secretary on the office carpet at statehouse, and she will be President!

LETS BE REALISTIC ABOUT MNANGAGWA AND MUGABE: Mugabe started shagging Grace Mugabe as his secretary on the office carpet at statehouse when she was 21 and married to captain Goreraza of the Airforce and he was 67 years old. She has ‘given him’ three children, looted diamonds, land and wealth and grabbed power all along rising from a loose office secretary to Zimbabwe’s First lady.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Grace Mugabe now 51 and a woman who certainly doesnt love the old aged Mugabe about to turn 94 now on death’s door step, is filthy rich, owns properties in South Africa and the East and has millions stashed away in offshore accounts and family accounts, courtesy of her old aged husband. Take a good look at the public photo below, its not rocket science as to how the once ruthless giant is now a harmlesss smelly old man in her view,..and thats what the nation gets for thirty seconds of joy on the statehouse carpert,..interesting!

Mugabe knows he is no longer of any sexual or financial value, let alone political power to most women and can never get a woman who will stand by him like Grace Mugabe has done and continues to do, obviously for wealth and power as we all know but what choice does the poor old man have? If he messes up Grace, she will walk away with billions, property worldwide and find herself some toyboys to enjoy life with while they get paid to do the deed,…

Grace Mugabe is a ruthless visionary lady,look at what she did to her ex husband Goreraza. Mugabe paid him off to walk away from his marriage because he wanted the wife, gave him a diplomatic post in the East and money and credit to him, he decised Grace wasn’t worth dying for and grabbed the opportunity to exit the circus with his life. Thats how she engineered her rise;

She is eyeing the post of Zimbabwe’s next president by succeeding her husband and the whole circus including how she destroyed former vice president Joyce Mujuru and Zanu pf stalwarts to become Mugabe’s closest and most trusted ally above those he worked with for over half a century.

It has all now come down to the ‘bedroom coup’ running Zimbabwe. The final stumbling bloc to Grace Mugabe’s rise, is Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa , her husband’s war time personal aide and security, from the liberation struggle and the man who has protected Mugabe from ICC prosecution and aided Mugabe in Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa genocides and murderous white farmer eviction exercise and the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy, infact the kingpin of all crime and corruption in Zimbabwe.

After the Gushungo Alpha Omega ice cream poison saga, Im just saying, wake up Zimbabwe, by hook or crook, its obvious that whether by so called natural causes like the Gushungo Alpha Omega ice cream poison or more direct elimination Mnangagwa is acceptable collateral damage and will fall. He will never rule Zimbabwe according to the Gushungo household plans, neither are the people of Zimbabwe concerned as he is a well known ruthless killer. Now the hunter has become the hunted,..its all fun and games.

The clearest sign that Zimbabweans are clowns would be for Grace Mugabe to be Zimbabwe’s next president and Mugabe’s natural death then Grace Mugabe to remarry her ex and father of her kids,..she is clever enough to pull it off,..Im just saying! DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Grace Mugabe looking irritated by her old aged husband Mugabe, and Grace Mugabe with her ex husband Goreraza of the Airforce of Zimbabwe.

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