Lion Shot Dead After Killing 44 Goats, 2 Cattle & Injuring 2 Donkeys & Terrorising Nyaminyami Villagers

A lioness that had terrorised the Mola area in Nyaminyami was shot dead by rangers, bringing relief to the community that had lost several of its livestock to the marauding predator.

The lioness was killed by rangers from Africa Conservancy, who pumped a total of eight bullets into it over two days.

The wild cat had killed some 44 goats, and  two herd of cattle in addition to injuring two donkeys prior to being shot.

Shief Mola recounted the terror caused by the lioness in his community.

Rangers tracked it into the wilderness where they shot and wounded it last Wednesday before it escaped.

They further tracked it and found the lioness hiding in a cave in the Matusadonha National Park, where they finally managed to kill it.

Conservationist, Chris Moore said the killing of the lioness was justifiable because it had become a menace to the community.

There are reports that there is a group of animal rights activists who were against the killing of the wild cat, despite the fact that it had become a real threat to human life and livestock. – Source-bulawayo24

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