Lobengula Stars In Accident (1 Passenger Dead & 7 Players Injured)

Former midfield genius Ronald ‘Gidiza’ Sibanda and ex-Highlanders FC coach Bongani Mafu survived a fatal horrific accident on their way from a friendly match against  Tsholotsho FC in Tsholotsho.

Bulawayo24 heard this morning that seven players were injured.

Sibanda and the injured players are recovering at Mpilo Hospital.

Star FM analyst said Ronald Gidiza Sibanda’s Lobengula Stars were involved in an accident on their way from a friendly against Tsholotsho in Tsholotsho.

“7 players were injured including Gidiza, they now at Mpilo hospital. Gidiza says he has chest and neck pains. Bongani Mafu was also in the same vehicle.

“A man who had asked for a lift unfortunately passed away”.

– Source-.bulawayo24

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