‘Mabvuku man, Aggagrey Chinyonga (29) Rapes 2 Minors: Claims Its Satanic Initiation’

A 29 -Year-Old Mabvuku man raped two minors on different occasions, forced them to swallow his semen and told the victims that the assault was part of an initiation into Satanism.

Aggagrey Chinyonga (29), of 10954 New Stands in Mabvuku, told the victims that by raping them he was initiating them to be princesses of their cult.

He added that he had been sent by their leader to rape young girls who would automatically join their cult.

According to the first victim’s statement to the police, Chinyonga told her that it was not his liking to rape her, but he had been sent by his “boss” who had many snakes which monitored them.

“After raping me, he said I was chosen to be the princess of their group. I then became very dizzy and collapsed. When I became conscious I started shivering and feeling something moving inside my body. He told me that Satan ruled the world not God,” read part of the statement.

After every act, Chinyonga would produce a black cloth which he would give to the victims to wipe his manhood.

Chinyonga pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, aggravated indecent assault and robbery when he appeared before regional magistrate Mrs Sandra Mupindu.

For raping the two minors, Mrs Mupindu sentenced him to a combined 30 years in prison.

She then slapped him with a seven-year prison term for aggravated indecent assault and five years for robbery.

Chinyonga will serve an effective 42 years in prison.

In mitigation, Chinyonga told the court that whenever he raped the victims, he was not in his senses.

He further pleaded for the court’s leniency saying that he had an 11-year-old child to look after.

However, prosecutor Ms Ressy Nyamombe had no kind words for Chinyonga whom he said was a serial rapist as the police had hinted that there were two more victims who had cases against him.

“He is considering his own son, what about the victims he deflowered and destroyed their lives at that tender age? He also used violence on defenceless minors and if he had not been arrested, he would have raped more girls. Your Worship, this accused person should be removed from the society,” she said.

The State says on April 9 around 10am, the victim decided to go to the family field near Mabvuku turn-off.

On her way she met Chinyonga who asked her where she was going before following her to the fields.

When they got to the fields, Chinyonga suddenly grabbed the victim by the throat and dragged her to a bushy area.

The girl wrestled Chinyonga and tried to flee but was overpowered.

Chinyonga gagged the girl before raping her.

After the act he ordered her not to tell anyone about the sexual abuse and threatened her with death.

Chinyonga told the girl that two of his victims had already died after narrating their ordeals to third parties.

He then took out a black cloth and instructed the girl to wipe his manhood and suddenly the girl felt dizzy and collapsed.

When she regained consciousness, Chinyonga was standing next to her and he asked her who was more powerful between God and Satan and when she said God, Chinyonga told her it was Satan.

He then ordered her to rush back home where she narrated what had happened.

On June 15, Chinyonga raped another girl who was on her way home from school.

The victim met Chinyonga near Larfage Cement Company and grabbed her from behind while armed with a broken bottle.

He told the girl to surrender all valuables and fearing for her life, she gave him $2,50.

Chinyonga threatened to stab her with the bottle if she screamed.

He then dragged the girl into a bushy area, where he raped her before ordering the complainant to wipe his manhood with a black cloth.

Chinyonga was arrested at an identification parade. by Tendai Rupapa . Source: the herald

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