Major Gen William Dube and NRZ GM Respina Zinyanduko wreak havoc in NRZ

HOW MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM DUBE and NRZ GM Respina Zinyanduko are wreaking havoc in Zimbabwe National Railways (NRZ)

The National Railways of Zimbabwe has was a profitable and prestigious State owned enterprise during the time of illustrious engineer Alvord Mabhena. Some sections of the country’s military saw it fit to interfere and impose candidates to run the parastatal.

Military leaders who have been involved with NRZ have failed to bring transformation and development. They have failed to uphold military and liberation struggle values choosing to enrich themselves while running down the important parastatal.

The NRZ has been on a recovery path , with formidable victories under difficult and challenging circumstances and the burden of sanctions.

Workers received their salaries , new investors flocked with funding propositions to the entity and President ED Mnangagwa expressed that he was pleased with the performance and recovery of NRZ at an event on 21 February 2018 which was attended by then Minister of Transport Joe Maswangayi from South Africa.

NRZ took a turn for the worst when it appointed inexperienced Respina Zinyanduko.

General Manager Respina Zinyanduko was appointed as General Manager of the NRZ in December 2021. The former prosecutor and serial parastatal hopper has managed to secure high level jobs in State owned enterprises without the requisite qualifications because of some powerful military figures who support her.

Zinyanduko was appointed on the 1st of December 2021 and six months after taking over as National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) substantive General Manager, Respina Zinyanduko was reportedly wreaking havoc at the state parastatal, in the process dismissing over 400 workers including senior managers “on fictitious allegations” and replacing them with her relatives.

The senior managers who were dismissed include Chief Engineer Phillip Chifamba, Acting Procurement Manager Aziz Mwale and Public Relations Manager Nyasha Maravanyika.

The General Manager is accused of gross corruption and nepotism.

NRZ workers have tried to petition Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Felix Mhona, Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Bulawayo Judith Ncube, NRZ Board Chairman, Martin Dinha, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Bulawayo ZANU PF provincial Chairman Jabulani Sibanda, to rescue them and reign in the General Manager. These petitions have failed because some powerful people with hidden agendas have supported Zinyanduko’s delinquent behavior.

Zinyanduko left a trail of destruction at GMB and National Parks , her conduct at these entities and some of the transactions which she has been involved in are currently being investigated by various entities.

In these letters, workers complain of victimization, corruption and nepotism they have suffered and witnessed since Zinyanduko took over as the General Manager.

The workers allege massive corruption by Zinyanduko in the manner she handled the renovation of her company official residence, Broadway House, 56 Pauling Road, Suburbs in Bulawayo. This issue has been reported to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission as well as the Special anti corruption unit.

At the center of the abuse of military authority and power is Major General William Dube who has used his military rank to bully the NRZ board , intimidate workers and ensure that Respina Zinyanduko is not held accountable for her acts of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement.

The conduct of Major General William Dube is unbecoming of a patriotic and decorated military officer who should put national interests first ahead of personal gain and gratification.

NRZ workers are in the process of compiling a report which will be sent to the military high command , military police and other departments of the army which are charged with enforcing discipline among the trained men and women of our country.

Major General William Dube has consistently used Vice President Chiwenga’s name and office to intimidate and bully those who seek accountability at NRZ. Vice President Chiwenga has come out and clearly denounced the habit of name dropping which Major General William Dube practices when he wants to flout corporate governance procedures.

The President and commander in chief needs to demilitarize the NRZ urgently.
Source – Themba Khumalo

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