MAKOKOBA high-density suburb is still rated as the dirtiest in Bulawayo city


MAKOKOBA high-density suburb is still rated as the dirtiest in Bulawayo, despite efforts by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to clean the suburb.

Makokoba was recently named the dirtiest and EMA promised to help in improving waste management methods.

EMA provincial manager for Bulawayo Metropolitan province, Decent Ndlovu, told journalists during a tour on Thursday that the situation in the suburb had not improved.

Ndlovu said Entumbane high-density suburb, which was at some point rated as one of the dirtiest in the city, was now one of the cleanest suburbs in Bulawayo.

“Residents from Entumbane have improved, making the area one of the cleanest in the city. The community there has shown improvement and churches, individuals and other sectors have shown support through clean-up campaigns,” he said.

“Our challenge is still with Makokoba, we urge residents to improve their waste management skills.”

Ndlovu said residents of Makokoba should be ashamed of their conduct and must work towards improving the status of the area and EMA would continue to implement measures to improve the environment.

The tour focused on effluent management and rehabilitation works in Sauerstown, Mahatshula and Aiselby, as well as solid waste management at the waste transfer sites in Cowdray Park and at Pumula-Entemba road.

Bulawayo City Council senior environment health officer, Nkanyiso Ndlovu said the local authority was trying to find innovative ways of improving service delivery to residents.

“On June 29, 2015, the use of community trucks in collecting refuse was piloted at Emganwini, a suburb that is furthest from the landfill, and, thus, been progressively rolled out to all suburbs in the city,” he said.

“In this programme, owners of trucks with a three to seven-tonne capacity are recruited and they will provide their own crews to collect refuse from doorsteps. Residents are required to place their refuse in plastic bags that are then collected by the community trucks. ”

Ndlovu said the clear gains that had been brought by the community refuse removal project had seen the frequency of collection rise.

The rehabilitation of sewer systems in Sauerstown and Mahatshula was progressing well, despite challenges of equipment and pipes. By Sharon Sibindi, source-newsday

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