Man faces a serious charge of undermining the authority of or insulting Mnangagwa, for disliking Mnangagwa’s photo

Farai Gwanza, (32) of Dindi Village under Chief Chitsungo in-PFungwe, Mashonaland East province, is facing a serious charge of undermining the authority of or insulting Mnangagwa,
Gwanza now knows that removing Mugabe and replacing him with his clone Mnangagwa, would change nothing as the same laws designed by the Mugabe Zanu pf regime to oppress the people , remain in place. He learnt the hard way recently after telling a man wearing a Zanu-PF T-Shirt , that he did not like an image of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Mnangagwa is on record for challenging the Constitutional Court finding that a section of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act that criminalises “undermining of the authority of the President” and communicating falsehoods which the people had argued was a draconian unconstitutional law.
Zimbabwe’s Constitution Section 31(a)(iii) criminalises publishing or communicating false statements prejudicial to the State and Section 33(a)(ii) criminalises undermining the authority of the President. The people argue that these laws violate the people’s rights but President Mnangagwa, argued that the laws are there in statute books in order to protect the reputation of the President. This to the discerning eye newzimbabwevision, is one of the several draconian provisions which hopefully will fall away when the laws of the land are aligned with a new Zimbabwe constitution which the nation adopted in 2013. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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