MANGWANA SAYS Chamisa has a penchant for violence and is spurning negotiations with Mnangagwa because he always prefers violence.

Mangwana ‘s claims follow the MDC Alliance and other groups plans to hold a Mother of all protests 16 August 2019 against the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.
“Mr Chamisa continues to ignore all calls for dialogue and prefers the path or protest and violence,” according to Nick Mangwana Mangwana.
“President Mnangagwa welcomes criticism as well as peaceful and legal demonstrations. But no society tolerates violence. He continues to call for unity and dialogue, and has reached out to Nelson Chamisa on numerous occasions only to have his gestures spurned.” says overnight the MDC Youth Chairperson for Mufakose Blessing Kanotunga. was abducted by five unidentified armed men from his house, heavily assaulted with blunt objects, Tatenda Mombeyarara, a Citizens’ Manifesto human rights defender was picked up by heavily armed unidentified men from his home early today, heavily assaulted,tortured under interrogation about Maldives training over regime change, the Zimbabwe Deputy Defence Minister Victor Matemadanda , who previously declared that the army would be deployed to crush the protests, claims the MDC plan to “loot and destroy” so he says’They’re saying they will demonstrate, on 16 August 2019, but I’m telling you that they will not because I know they will not’
As of this morning, Zimbabwe Doctors ihave nformed Zimbabwe Health Services Board that they are incapacitated from offering any services with immediate effect. In a letter , Zim Hospital Doctors Association wrote toZimbabwe Health Services Board that they are incapacitated from offering any services with immediate effect as follows:• Our living conditions have become a health hazard and mental condition to both us and the patients• We request the employer to adjust our earnings to the inter-bank bank rate which currently sits at 8.7.• We hereby give notice of total incapacitation with immediate effect giving the employer a grace period of 3 weeks upon receiving this letter to present practical solutions to our financial crisis. says, many have died , and sadly more will still lose their lives to the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime but we all need to accept that freedom comes with sacrifice and blood loss, however the system cannot prevail, it must come down at whatever cost. Its either we act now or suffer in silence until 2023, obviously only to again escort the militarised mnangagwa Zanu pf regime to yet another stolen election. If we want change, then we must fight for it through the numerous peaceful actions of destabilising the government and above all, no backing down until Electoral Reforms are implemented as a start in dismantling the militarised Mnangagwa regime. The people have the power, fear will noty feed anyone;’s hungry family. Whether one protests or doesnt protest, the suffering will continue for a while, so there is no excuse for failing to come on board the wave of absolute resistance to oppressive authority. DISCUSS and Share with all family and friends globally. 16 August 2019, is bound to be the real day of independence from the ‘BLACK OPPRESSORS OF BLACKS! …….MNANGAGWA must fall! Sibusiso Ngwenya-byo24
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photo-Newzimbabwevision editor in chief, Sibusiso Ngwenya (L) with Nick Mangwana (C)
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