Masvingo General Hospital, X-ray Discovers 11 Needles In ‘Nemamwa’ Girl’s Hands & Legs

A TEENAGE girl (name withheld) from Nemamwa is awaiting surgery at Masvingo General Hospital following the discovery of 11 needles in her body, an official has confirmed. The needles are lodged in both her hands and legs and can easily be felt.

It remains a mystery how the needles found their way into the girl’s body.

Masvingo General Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Julius Chirengwa said the girl was admitted to the medical institution waiting for doctors to conduct an operation on her to remove the needles.

He said doctors could not tell how the needles found their way into the girl’s body.

“We’ve a female patient who was admitted to the hospital on Saturday complaining of needles which were inserted into her body.

“An X-ray was taken on the hands and legs and a total of 11 needles were detected. Doctors are seized with the matter,” said Dr Chirengwa.

He said surgeons would decide on where to conduct the operation with the options being Masvingo General Hospital or facilities either in Harare or Bulawayo.

“No-one knows how the needles found their way into her body. It remains a mystery but it’s good that the girl will be operated on.

“The surgeons have a final say whether she’ll be operated on at the hospital or transferred but definitely she’s waiting for surgery,” Dr Chirengwa said. Walter Mswazie . source- Chronicle

photo-Minister Of Health and child welfare,  Dr Parirenyatwa

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