‘Matabeleland independence will come through the barrel of the gun’-Mthwakazi (MLO) Sec for Infor and Public Affairs Israel Dube

SECESSIONIST MTHWAKAZI LIBERATION ORGANISATION (MLO) Israel Dube Secretary for Information and Public Affairs says ‘Matabeleland independence will come through the barrel of the gun’.
DUBE says Matabeleland will be an independent state very soon is no longer a question of if or how, but a mere when.
One bullet one settler, one necklace one traitor! That is the trajectory the revolution must follow, one that will deliver our independence without fail.
Revolutions world wide have proven that a traitor is more dangerous than the enemy. In order to run a successful revolution with minimum casualties, there is need to weed out sellouts in our midst. We do not care which part of the world the Judas Iscariot conducts his/her dirty business, our tentacles are long enough.
It is better to lose one pathetic fool who has traded their rights to freedom for bread crumbs that fall from the tables of our enemies than lose many innocent lives and independence.
Any traitor who will make the most stupid mistake of standing in front of this revolution will be mercilessly crushed and no explanation given.
Who is the enemy of Matabeleland? This should be clear especially now that the struggle is taking a decisive turn.
If a group of like minded Shona supremacists, driven by unjustified tribal hatred, send Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade to dastardly murder more than 45 000 innocent Matabele civilians, rape more than 100 000 women, burn down more than 100 000 homes, torture and maim more than 100 000 Matebeles, displace more than 1million Matabeles into foreign countries, are they our friends? Do friends treat each other like this?
In 1985 the same people, backed by their multitudes of supporters from Mashonaland, sent Zanupf Women’s League and Zanupf Youth Brigade to attack and chase Matabeles away from Mashonaland, take their properties like houses, cars, businesses and Money in the banks. Are such people our comrades or enemies?
Inflicting pain and destroying Matabele nation is never enough for tribal haters and oppressors. They continue to unrepentantly commit subtle genocide to subject us to permanent poverty, slavery and uncertain future.
We are denied the right to higher education, the right to employment and economic opportunities, the right access our resources, the right to practice our culture and the right to freedom and self determination. Where is friendship here?
Many times, while the world was watching, these people with no culture have prevented Matabeles from reinstalling their Kings.It is the same people again that treat Matabeles like second class citizens to play second fiddle to Shona people in the social sphere and political space. In the government, the presidency and 1st Vice President positions are a reserve for the Shona people while the junior 2nd Vice President position is permanent position for Matabeles. Is there any equality here? Where is patriotism?
The undisputed fact backed by a mountain of evidence is that Shona supremacists supported by legions of cheerers from Mashonaland, have been viewing and treating us not like their fellow countrymenand comrades, but their WORST ENEMIES.
Not even white colonisers treated us like the current Shona oppressors. Now it is time for all Matabeles to wake up and smell the coffee. We will never forget or forgive. If our parents stood up and took up arms to fight white supremacy, this Matabele generation is justified to take up arms again to fight Shona supremacy which is far worse.
It is time to treat Shona supremacist and their supporters like our number one enemies.
MLO will not shy away from its duties. We will lead the march to our independence with pride, stealth and fortitude of a lion. Failure or defeat are words that should not be found in our vocabulary, not where our freedom is involved.
When they shoot we will not hesitate to shoot back, and we will shoot the hardest to protect our people. Whatever they will throw at us we will respond in kind.
The ultimate goal for us is Matabeleland independence. The means justifies the end.
Izenzo kungemazwi!
Israel DubeMLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs
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