MATEBELELAND, vow to shut down Nursing schools over tribal recruitment exercise in place of locals, no lessons until locals are recruited.

MATEBELELAND, vow to shut down Nursing schools over tribal recruitment exercise in place of locals, no lessons until locals are recruited.
Matabeleland residents have vowed to shut down the nursing schools in the region until the recent recruitment exercise that saw a lot of students from Mashonaland being recruited in place of locals is reversed.
The state owned Chronicle reported that in Mpilo nursing school no student was recruited from either Matabeleland North or South. Harare dominated the list with 10, followed by Bulawayo with 6 and then Midlands with 5.
Speaking to this reporter prominent activist Michael Ndiweni said they were mobilising residents to make sure the nursing schools do no resume lessons until locals are recruited.
“We condemn with the strongest terms the tribal employment policy that is being implemented by the Central government that has seen our brother and sisters being sidelined in the recruitment process.
“As responsible citizens we have taken a stand that we are mobilising the residents of the respective nursing schools to turn up in their numbers at these institutions and make sure that this anomaly is corrected and the deserving local children are recruited. We are not going to allow lessons to take place until the other foreign names on the list are removed and replaced with local ones.”
Ndiweni added that they were also discussing with their legal practitioners to see what legal route can be taken to enforce constitutional provisions that prioritise the spirit of devolution of power.
Ibhetshu lika Zuku Secretary General Mbuso Fuzwayo said, “This is a reflection of a government that indicates left and turns right. Devolution says local resources must be used by local people and hiring outsiders is anti-devolution. We had expected the majority of the people recruited to be locals so as to empower human development at community levels. We can only view this as structural tribalism that is meant to perpetuate a lifelong oppression of our people.”
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