MBERENGWA woman (30) fatally axes son (2) and launches axe attack on daughter (6) now hospitalised in critical condition

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman from Mberengwa fatally axed her two-year-old son before turning the axe on her six- year-old daughter who was fortunate to survive the attack.
The girl is said to be in a critical condition at Mberengwa District Hospital.
Appearing before Mberengwa Magistrate Mr Sangster Tavengwa facing one count of murder and another of attempted murder was Arleta Matsukumoyo of Batanai Village, Chief Bute, Mberengwa.
Mr Tavengwa did not ask Matsukumoyo to plead and remanded her in custody to January 4.
He advised her to apply for bail at the High Court.
Prosecuting, Mr Stanley Ncube told the court that Matsukumoyo is the biological mother of the two children and was staying with them.
“On December 21 at around 9AM the accused person struck her two- year-old son in the head. She then turned the axe on her six- year-old daughter whom she again struck in the head before she fled.
The boy later died on admission at Mberengwa Hospital while the girl sustained a deep cut on the head and is in a critical condition,” said Mr Ncube.
The court heard that Matsukumoyo’s neighbours heard noises at her homestead and rushed to see what was happening.
Mr Ncube said the neighbours found the two children lying on the ground and rushed them to Mberengwa Hospital.
“The accused person should be examined as she is suspected to be mentally challenged,” said Mr Ncube. Wynne Zanamwe,source-chronicle

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