MDC 16/8/19 Ndiweni jailed 18 months, police attempt Mphoko arrest, obvious Mthwakazi will react, Zanu pf will punish

MatebelelandMnangagwa is using the traditional divide and rule tactic that Zanu pf employed with the then Defence Minister Nkala over Gukurahundi, now Obert Mpofu the ex Home Affairs Minister to destroy matebeleland after jailing defiant Chief Ndiweni 18 months and attempting to arrest ex vice president Phelekezela Mpoko on the same day the High Court blocked the MDC mother of all protest. Interestingly enough, the real criminal behind all this, Robert Mugabe, was given a US $10 million golden handshake by Mnangagwa,..what nonsense! We can only expect the radical Mthwakai group to react angrily to this open attack on matebeleland and subsequently more arestsand jailing by Mnangagwa and silencing of a defiant Matebeleland people. This will silence even the MDC in fear of meeting the same rough justice, case in point the Job Sikhala pending matter,..wake up Zimbabwe!

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