MDC ALLIANCE PRESIDENT NELSON CHAMISA has filed court papers challenging Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory, in a bid to overturn the election victory in his favour..

MDC-T official , also the MDC ALLIANCE Deputy Treasurer General , Chalton Hwende said, “Our Petition challenging the electoral theft by @edmnangagwa has been filed. Tomorrow the lawyers will speak to the press. No to subversion of the people’s will.”
Senator David Coltart, an MDC-Alliance senior official has stated that the Zimbabwe government’s plans for an inauguration on 2018Sunday, 12 August , for president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa will be interrupted when the MDC partly file Nelson Chamisa’s election petition.
Coltart said, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent out invitations to a Presidential inauguration ceremony this weekend. That is lawful but the plans will be interrupted when we file President Chamisa’s election petition this week. Section 94(1)(b) applies.”
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION, says before people lose focus and get over excited, lets all remember that this is the same court that legitimised the Operation Restore Legacy coup, and past stolen elections by Zanu pf ever since 18 April 1980, and legitimised the swearing in of president Mnangagwa and his deputies Chiwenga and Mohadi,…just don’t hold your breath on anything coming out of any action because you are dealing with a military regime. Lest you forget, the biggest name in MDC T and ever in Zimbabwe’s opposition, the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, went to court each time after losing elections to Mugabe’s Zanu pf since 2000, until he eventually lost the fight when his number was called up by the good Lord.
Remember many Zimbabweans blindly believed that the military had removed Mugabe and brought in Mnangagwa and Chiwenga in November 2017 so that they could hand over Zimbabwe on a silver platter to you all,..wake up Zimbabwe, you are now living in a military state!

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