MDC ALLIANCE TAKES PEACE which was produced by the Alliance’s Policy and Research committee chaired by President Tendai Biti to SADC.

A high powered MDC delegation, yesterday met with the SADC assessment team in Zimbabwe and laid out their demands for the harmonised 2018 elections. The MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa will officially launch the PEACE document in the next few days.
According to the MDC ALLIANCE, the following, are conditions neccessary to ensure that the Zimbabwe’s 2018 election returns the country to legitimacy as , currently we have an illegitimimate, Mnangagwa, militarised regime of Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.
The MDC ALLIANCE delegation was made up of opposition party leaders including MDC leader Prof Welshman Ncube, PDP leader Tendai Biti, Brig Agrippa Mutambara, Mr Jacob Ngarivhume, Mr Mathias Guchutu ,Mr Aaron Sakuinje, Ms Miriam Mushai and Ms Evelyn Masaiti.
The leaders emphasised a ten point demand included below in the the MDC Alliance’s Plan, needed in place to facilitate a Free and Credible Election environment.
1)-Independence of the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission (ZEC), including the independence and professionalization of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Secretariat.
2)- The creation of an authentic biometric voters’ roll properly audited and signed off by all stakeholders.
3)-Full disclosure and transparency around the ballot paper, its technical status, its printing and its distribution thereof.
4)- The complete de-securitisation of election institutions and the electoral process, incorporating the exclusion of Zimbabwe’s security sector from managing the incumbent ZANU PF’s election campaign.
5)- Provision for Zimbabweans residing in the Diaspora to vote in the election. Media reforms allowing for equal access to public media by all contenders in the election.
6)-The enactment of major amendments to the Electoral Act and the repealing of restrictive laws such as: the Public Order Security Act (POSA); Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA); and the Broadcasting Services Act (BSA).
7)-Allowing entry of international monitors and supervisors at least 3 months before the 2018 election.
8)- Provision for the SADC and the United Nations to supervise the 2018 poll.
9)-Absence of violence and intimidation before, during and after the election.
10)-Political impartiality of traditional leaders, including abolition of politicized food aid in election campaigns.
Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible PDP Communications By Sibusiso Ngwenya. Source PDP.

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